Often We Are Asked:

“What are my chances of qualifying for this home?”

The answer to this question in its simplest form is that an applicant
should be reasonably confident in their qualifications prior to submitting
an application.

The Following Three Areas Of Qualifications Must Be Met:

**Good Credit**
**Good Rental References**
**Sufficient Household Income**

Let’s focus on each area briefly and shed some light on what our firm is actually looking for to provide a positive qualification on each of these items….

*Good Credit* – Will be determined as a measure of an individual’s consumer credit report history/score. While the credit score alone shall not immediately determine an applicant’s credit approval; it is the common indicator we use to establish the applicants likelihood of making satisfactory payments to their creditors. The account data that makes up the entire credit report is reviewed to assess the overall credit-worthiness of an applicant. Poor payments on utility service accounts, revolving credit accounts, loans, and small claims judgments can be cause for concern. Accounts in collections may negatively affect an applicant’s ability to qualify.

Good Rental References – Means that an applicant’s current and/or previous Landlords has/had a good tenancy relationship. Poor payment history and/or unsatisfactory treatment of the leased premises are big red flags in our qualification process.

Sufficient Household Income – By our standards is equal to at least 2.5
times the monthly rent as the total verifiable gross income that the household generates. Certain housing subsidies and benefit programs are taken into account (if applicable). Please give our office a call to inquire additionally.

Please review our application for the specific information that is required to submit to be considered for one of our available homes. Be aware that each adult that will reside at the property must complete their own separate application and provide the necessary materials and fees.